Nav Student Facts (Brothers)

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Brothers who attended James Connally & Harlingen for Navigator Training:
Harlingen will be indicated with letters (HA) following class number.  James Connally is indicated with letters (JC). (Number in ( –) is the class number for the person.

  • Bablo, Adelbert G. (61-04HA) & Charles A. (64-03JC-deceased)
  • Becker, Roger (53-13JC) & Wendell (53-16JC-deceased)
  • Bell, Jerald R. (62-19JC) & Jack D. (65-11JC)
  • Brown, Lloyd “Bill” (59-19JC) & Robert D. (61-17JC-deceased)
  • Buchholz, William “Bill” (56-14JC-deceased) & Francis “Frank (60-18JC)
  • Burchard, John C (60-13HA) & Donald C. (63-19JC)
  • Byrd, Marvin V. (65-04JC) & Ronald G. (66-02JC)
  • Clemons, Larry C. (61-09HA) & James O. (61-11HA)
  • Cohen, Edward D. (56-20HA) & Robert S, (56-20HA)
  • Crook, Gordon R. (64-01JC) & Kenneth L. (66-11JC)
  • Day, David Quimby (58-05HA) & John R (58-02HA) [Twins]
  • Edwards, Paul W. (62-18JC) & John P. “Preston” (63-13JC)
  • Fox, Robert “Bob” (59-14/16-deceased)  & Raymond (64-09)
  • Gibson,  James V (54-10JC-deceased) & William-Bill F. (56-02EF)
  • Lutkenhouse, Joel J. (61-20-HA) & John P. (64-14JC)
  • Manns, Ralph E., Jr. (57-01HA) & Robert A. (59-17JC)
  • Murtha, Eugene A (58-02HA-deceased) & Thomas A (58-02HA) [Twins]
  • Metzger, Frank L. (60-19HA) & Langford C. (64-13JC-deceased)
  • Nobert, Keith (63-02JC) & Craig (65-16JC-deceased)
  • Nupen, Curtis (62-16JC) & Larry (65-14JC)
  • Orszula, Swietobor J.”Borus” (55-04HA) & Bozydar H. (56-00HA-deceased)
  • Riggers, Milton H. (60-08HA-deceased) & Wilton E. (61-08HA-deceased) [Twins]
  • Sacre, Gerald F.-Jerry (62-14HA) & Ronald C. (65-12JC-deceased)
  • Singer, Ronald M. (61-10JC) & Stuart (64-18JC)
  • Trojanowski, James-Jim (64-15JC) & John (64-15JC) [Twins]


-BYRD— Marvin “Vic” (class 65-04) & Ronald (66-02) at Wright Patterson OH

OTHER Navigator INFO—

28 February 1968 
USAF B-52F Stratofortress 57‑0173,  
7th Bomb Wing Crashed off Matagorda Island, TX. 
 Details unknown except  
Four Connally Nav’s were killed when the aircraft 
impacted the water.  Names & (class number) follow:
Capt. Charles W. Roberts (59-15), 
Capt. Thomas D. Childs (64-18),  Capt. John T. Pantilla (65-16) & Lt. Michael L. Carroll


FIRST AND LAST CLASSES– info from Bruce Ashcraft (AETC/HO) Randolph AFB, TX February 24, 2006.  

UNT-Undergraduate Navigator Training

JUNT– Joint Undergraduate Navigator Training (with Navy at Pensacola)

Last UNT Class at Harlingen was 62-22

Last UNT Class at James Connally was 66-18

First modern day UNT class at Mather was 66-19

Last UNT class at Mather was 93-06

First UNT class at Randolph was 93-07

Last Class at Randolph was in Fall of 2012– number unknown

First JUNT (CSO) class at Pensacola FL in 2012–number unknown


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