B-25 Mitchell

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B-25 “Mitchell”
B-25, Mitchell
By late 1945, the B-25 Mitchell outnumbered all other medium USAF bombers in service. During the immediate post-war years, the Air Force stripped the combat equipment from many B-25s. The Air Force used them as pilot trainers for many years thereafter, before removing the last in January 1959. TB-25K was the designation for 117 B-25Js converted as trainers for the E-1 fire control system operators. The Hughes Tool Company of Culver City, California earned the initial contract, (circa 1950), to convert 12 prototypes. Later, the Air Force expanded the contract to 117 aircraft. For the conversion, all military equipment was removed, and a radome was fitted in the front of the transparent nose. The instrumentation for the radar equipment was housed inside a modified bomb bay, and monitoring equipment for one instructor and the students was installed in the aft fuselage. An astrodome was installed above the navigator’s compartment.¬†After successful completion of the TB-25K contract, Hughes was awarded another contract for the modification of 25 B-25Js with the designation TB-25M. The TB-25M was a modified TB-25L aircraft, and were essentially the same as the K model except for a more advanced E-5 fire control system. Deliveries began in 1952. In the post-war years, the Air National Guard inherited the B-25s. A few TB-25Ns served with ANG squadrons as weather reconnaissance and personnel transports.

Span: 67 ft. 6.7 in.
Length: 53 ft. 5.75 in.
Height: 16 ft. 4.2 in.
Weight: 21,100 lbs. empty, 33,000 pounds normal loaded, 35,000 pounds gross, 41,800 pounds maximum overload. The fuel capacity consisted of four tanks in the inner wing panels, with a total capacity of 670 US gallons.
Engines: Two Wright R-2600-13 Double Cyclone fourteen-cylinder air-cooled radials, rated at 1700 hp each for takeoff and 1500 hp at 2400 rpm. Equipped with Holley 1685HA carburetors or Bendix Stromberg carburetors.
Maximum speed: 275 mph at 15,000 feet
Cruising Speed: 230 mph cruising speed
Initial Climb Rate: 1110 feet per minute. 15,000 in 19 minutes.
Service Ceiling: 24,000 feet Range: 1275 miles with 3200 pounds of bombs
Ferry Range: 2700 miles

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