T-29 History- The T-29A made its initial flight in September of 1949 at Lindburg Field in San Diego. The cabin had fourteen fully-equipped stations for students or instructors and one radio-operator’s station. Each student had

Did you know? Title 10 of US code states that only pilots can command flying units—prior to 1976.  In 1976 the National Reserve Officers Association held the annual meeting in Atlanta, Ga.  ROA  chapter one

On the wall adjacent to my desk is a frame that contains my Certificate of Aeronautical Rating. It is signed by Colonel Robert B. Collins, who commanded James Connally AFB near Waco, Texas in the

James Connally Air Force Base is the home of the 3565th Navigator Training Wing and is under the jurisdiction of Air Training Command. The base has been designated a permanent Air Force installation and although

James Connally, Harlingen & some Mather AFB Class Locator Stats: IF want to help us locate people contact Jim Faulkner– Harlingen (52-02 to 62-22). Connally (52-02 to 66-18), Mather (66-19 to 90-22)

Brothers who attended James Connally & Harlingen for Navigator Training: Harlingen will be indicated with letters (HA) following class number.  James Connally is indicated with letters (JC). (Number in ( –) is the class number

James Connally Graduation Statistics Table– Will update later This table shows the number of graduates in each class as provided by Air Education and Training Command. The (1) indicates classes with aviation cadets. A “0” or

Info from Bruce Ashcraft (AETC/HO) Randolph AFB, TX on February 24, 2006. The first class to graduate from James Connally Navigator training was 51-19 The first class to graduate from Harlingen –unknown The first class